Online Integrated School Management System

SureLearn has developed customized MIS applications for various Educational Institutions across the country.

School Management Software is a complete Windows based package for complete automation of Activities related to management of a School.

The system takes of the admission procedures, Fee Collection, Academics & Examinations, Employee Management Appraisals and Accounting & Inventory control of any given School.

The complete software can be customized as per
the requirement of any School. As of now SureLearn
has an installation base of over 100 Institutions.

Why Surelearn ?

We have extensive experience in Desktop, Client/Server and Cloud based solutions on a wide range of functional areas (e.g. Educational Institute Management , Payroll, Financial Accounting, Inventory, etc.) with strong emphasis on optimized coding, an easy to use front-end and a competitive pricing too!

Our teams are capable of handling mission critical applications for various industries and objectives. They have proved themselves as reliable resources in provision of services related to 24/7 functioning of various projects

Surelearn - Highly Customizable

Surelearn - User friendly

Customer Care 24/7

Customizable as per Board affiliation

Be it ICSE, CBSE or UP Board, we provide you ready to use software that can help you with complete school management from Day 1.

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